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Why Outsource Your Packaging ?

Outsourcing is a way to boost revenue. Outsourcing is a way to cut costs. Outsourcing eases labour shortages. Outsourcing cuts payroll costs. Outsourcing allows companies to focus on core competencies. Outsourcing reduces or eliminates some capital expenditures. Outsourcing also allows businesses to change their corporate culture. If companies have renegade groups that are costly, ineffective, or difficult to manage, that group can be outsourced. This enables employers to change their workplace environment on-the-fly.

What is Rivigo Portal on DCGPAC Website ?

Rivigo has outsourced the packaging supplies to DCGpac. Rivigo Portal is a real time online management tool to manage all the outsourced activities. This state of the art portal is created by DCGpac team. In this Portal Customer can see each & every detail on the dashboard like monthly consumption, per parcel cost, service performance, monthly cost, total cost etc. We can create similar portals for other customers.

How do we assess the benefits of for our company ?

You can contact us or send us your enquiry to our CEO at sahil@dcgpac.com . We will quickly deploy our team to study your current set up, current costs, current manpower and suppliers. After our initial study, we will submit our report and some options for outsourcing. We are sure that our able team will be able to create an overall win win situation for you and save lots of headaches and costs.